funny facebook jokes

                        Jesika and His facebook profile
A Girl Named jesica just posted a word "HELLO" on his wall. And I'm getting mad to see that there is row of comments and likes there is 80 comments and 40 likes in five minuts .she got a record breaking friend requests.
One boy is saying jessica you are not responsing jessica please response. Most amazing all requests are from cool dudes .It means girls doesn't  like jessica. it might be a publicty stunt .people are requesting for cbi enquiry for this whole incident.
Goverment said it is conspirecy of enemy counrtry and suugested to peoples to not comment on his profile.

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                       Privecy In The Zoo

Tiger(in zoo):Hey disgusting media is frustating me!
Monkey: why?

Tiger : there is no privecy and after that they are saying that no of tigers is dicreasing.