Rajnikanth Jokes

  • Baba ramdev And Rajnikanth Jokes

    Baba Ramdev:"Swiss Bank se Black Money INDIA le aao.
    .Rajnikanth: "Khabardar, Koi Mere GULLAK ko hath nahi lagayega..
  • Rajnikanth had sex with the Terminator, Terminator got pregnant and gave birth to NEO

  • Rajanikanth Special - For his birthday

    Nokia is Planning to Launch Rajanikant'R'Series in 2012
    Features :
    *20 Sim Cards :o
    *1 year battery :z
    *1 TB Memory :x
    *1000 MegaPixel Camera :s
    *TV ,Oven , Washing machine, Fridge and AC :O
    *Mini AK 47 :P
    *24G better than 3G - 24G Allows us to come out from themobile and talk directly

  • Anna Is The New Rajnikant..

    Police Does Not Decide When

    To Release Anna..

    Our Anna Decides When

    To Come Out Of Jail.. ;)