new year party joke

Tips for 31st party:
(*) (*) (*) (*)

1) Start drinking at 5.30pm so by 12 ul still be in ur senses>=)

2) Hold your drink for minimum 20mins
3) Don't eat anythg oily which leaves puky feeling,:&

4) Eat limited bitings,*dine*

5) Have sex or masturbate before gng to party this would keep your sexual desires little lower when u see hot guys and girls,:p

6) Having sex b4 party is also imp bcoz after party even spiderman, superman are not able to satisfy their partner and even charlies angels fail to satisfy their partners:*

7) Treat everybody with respect atleast till 3-4 drinksO:)

8) Avoid international languages and spk in local language after drinking bcoz, even if u r drunk u r still in ur own country.3-|

9) Most importantly don't drink and drive as police will act like NYPD tonight.=]()

10) If u find anythg fishy don't eat it, in morning u would come to know that u were vegeterian till 2012....:]xx

11) Most imp, don't celebrate in delhi
Enjoy and have a safe 31st.