Husband wife sister in law and taxi driver dual meaning jokes

  "A fun collection of lady , husband ,taxi driver and sister in law dual meaning jokes"

  wife husband and sister in law  joke

Wife in sexy mood lovingly says: I want to have a wild experience. Tie me up and do whatever u want. Excited man tied up his wife and raped her sister.

A girl wears sleeveless dress every time. On right arm she writes 'C' and on left arm 'L'.
friends ask: what does it means? She said: I am cool.

Naked Lady And taxi driver joke

A naked lady gets into taxi. Driver looks at her. Lady: haven't you ever seen b naked woman?
Driver: no I am just wondering where you have kept the money to pay me.

Lady and office boss joke

A sexy and attracted female employee meets her boss and says sir will you remove something from my breast?
Boss: wow, what?
Girl: your eyes.

Dual meaning Joke

What is long and hard? Has a hole at the tip and when inserted into wet, hairy, tight hole, makes men and woman feel great? Vicks inhaler.

Definition of rape joke

Define rape with the help of one good example. Rape is a very very difficult job for example; it's like playing golf with a continuously moving hole.