Inspirational story to make patience

Story that inspires  to make patience always

Source of inspiration, vivekanand" this is the story of an old lady in which he make patience for 40 years and get child at age of 45 and and looses a faithful dog due loosing his patience"

There was a 40 year old lady who couldn't have a kid since she was married at age 24.She tried everything she could but the doctors told her that she was barren. Her husband left her after 16 years of trying. She became so stressed up and spent most of her free time in meditation classes, religious circles and around pets and children homes. At age 43, she found a local 50 yr old man whom she fell in love with as the main was well known to having lost all her family in a tragic road accident 10 years ago and was always lonely and single. Fortunately against all odds the woman became pregnant and she became the happiest lady in the world. She inspired alot of women all aver the village and her ex husband bought them a beach house for appreciation. They got a cute baby girl and named her Patience. The baby was the world to her and she even gave her a nice dog at age 3 who the small girl loved so much. One day the mother went to the grocery shop and left the baby girl with the dog in the sitting room. On returning from the shop, she found the Dog with blood all over his face and pieces of the Patience's clothes on its claws. The woman couldn't bear it. She immediately took a hoe that was loosely and started beating the dog mercilessly until the Dog died. She then stopped crying and followed the blood stains on the floor to the bedroom. Where she found the baby girl Patience smiling naked on the chair and a dead python snake on the floor. The Dog had killed the snake and thus rescued the baby from the snake.

Don't always be fast to judge a book by the look of its cover no wonder the situation. God tests us in different ways and we should not fall short of his mercy and forgiveness.