Sonia Gandhi Jokes

  Sonia gandhi jokes on his plane journey with Rabri devi and jaylalitha

This jokes is based on when sonia gandhi was traveling in a plane and pilot was get embarrassed from his foolish talk.

Rabri Devi, Sonia Gandhi and Jayalalitha were flying together in a plane.
They were just talking among themselves when
Rabri said: 'I have this 100 rupee note. If I drop this from the plane then it will fall on the ground and one Indian will pick it up and so I can make one Indian happy.

So Sonia pulled out two 50 rupee notes and said : If I drop these two 50 rupee notes, I can make two Indians happy.

Lastly Jaya pulled out 100 one rupee note and said: 'If I can drop all 100 one rupee notes, then I can make 100 Indians happy.'
Seeing all this hypocrisy the pilot could not resist himself and said: If I can drop all three of you from the plane ,I can make one billion Indians happy.


Sonia gandhi on a plane journey with laloo yadav a saint and a school boy

This joke is based on the idea that sonia gandhi jumped from plane with bag in-spite of parachute .

Once Laloo Yadav, Sonia Gandhi, a saint and a school boy were travelling by a private plane.

Suddenly the engine caught fire and the pilot came out shouting, "This plane is going to crash! And we have only four parachutes and there are five of us in the plane. Since I am a very important Indian Airlines pilot I am taking one parachute and getting out of here."

Saying this he rushed to the luggage area grabbed one parachute and jumped off the plane. Sonia Gandhi said, "Since I am the future Prime Minister of India I am very important and have to live!" She also grabbed a parachute and jumped.

Laloo Yadav said, "I am the king-maker of this country, the most honest politician of India and above all the most intelligent person living in this country, and the most intelligent person must live!" Saying so Laloo went to the luggage area, grabbed one and jumped off the plane.

The old saint said to the school boy, "There is only one parachute left, and there are two of us. I am an old man and don't need to live any more. You take the last parachute and jump."

The school boy said, "Don't worry! There are still two parachutes left with us! The most intelligent person, Laloo Yadav, jumped off the plane with my school bag!