Love sms for valentines day

Let's share the world a sea is for u,and waves are for me.The sun is for u,and light is for me.The sky is for u,and stars are for me.

valentines day quoted love picture

u could never guess
how much happiness
u've brought my way

happy valentine's day

valentines day quoted love picture

u are unique
u are caring and
u are the best.And i am the luckiest 2 have u in my life Happy valentine's day my sweet heart

When You Realize

Valentines Day is

Approaching Fast
The 0nly 0ne Who Loves
You Is Your PET.

Ever since u walked in2 my life my meaning of life has changed i have rearranged my entire way of looking  things n all of this is bcoz of u

Love and friendship are two sides of a coin. Make friends. Wishing Happy Valentine Day to all of them who are a part of my life.

Love seethe not itself to please, nor for itself hath any care,but for another gives its ease, and builds a Heaven in Hells despair.

Funny Valentine Where are you? How will you come to me? In a red box, the softness of A teddy bear or the tenderness of A kiss

Love is not finding someone to live with, Its finding someone you cant live without.Happy Valentines Day