Husband wife discussion at court joke in hindi

Husband wife discussion in court for divorce

Husband and Wife in Court
Discussion .....The
Problem: Who should get Custody
of the Child?
Wife jumped up and said:"Your
Honour I brought
d child into this world with Pain and
Labour So it
should be in My Custody."
The Judge turns 2
Husband&says"What do You have to
say in your defence?"
The Husband sits for a while
contemplating then
slowly says....."Your Honour. If I
put a dollar in a
Vending Machine and a Pepsi comes
Out, whose
Pepsi is it? The Machine's or Mine?"
Yeh sunke...Wife replied:"Judge
Sahab...Bartan Mera...Doodh bhi
Mera...Aur Usme Dahi jamane ke
liye 2 boond Daalne se Dahi bana To
fir Wo dahi
kiska.? Mera ya 2 Boond daalne
wale ka"
Husband replied :"Typewriter me
kagaz Maine
dala, keys daba-daba kar Mehnat
Maine ki, fir Chithi
kiski? Typewriter ki ya
Meri?"Frustrated Judge (Getting
mad):"Abey Saale Agar Tu Chithi
Haath se hi likh
leta To ye Noubat hi na Aati."

Husband wife funny comedy fight in punjabi . this video is taken from You Tube.

" This is the joke Based on the husband wife discussion in court who would handle the child after the divorce. The joke is in hindi "