20 all time best sardar ji jokes to share on facebook and whatsapp

 1.Sardar Ji and his boss funny question answer joke

    Boss: Where were you born?
    Sardar ji : India ..
    Boss: which part?
    Sardar ji : What 'which part'? 
                                            Whole body was born in India .

2.Sardar , A man and his wife funny joke in hindi

A man to sardar ji -- A man was kissing your wife in your Home.
Sardar ji rushes to his home.
AND came with half an hour.
and slapped That man
and  SAID--
He was not my friend.

Sardar ji joke on palne landing

Sardar ji plane land hote hi chillane lage.
Banglore aya banglore aya.Balle Balle'
Air Hostess: Helo sir.B silent
Santa-ok anglore aya anglore aya alle alle.

sardar ji ka interview funny hindi sardar joke

A sardar on an interview for the post of detective was
asked a question
Interviewer - Who killed Gandhiji ?
Sardar - Thanks for giving me the job, I will

Saradar ji and his teacher funny joke in english

Teacher: What is the name of the capital city of Punjab ?

sardar ji: Amritsar.

Teacher: sardar ji, you are wrong, you need to focus more on your studies.

sardar ji: Please madam, can I ask you a few questions.

Teacher: Yes, go ahead.

sardar ji: Do you know Jeeto ?
Teacher: No.
sardar ji: Do you know Preeto ?
Teacher: No.
sardar ji: Do you know Banto?
Teacher: (Angry) Hell no! Who are all these people and why do you ask ?
sardar ji: Teacher, you need to Focus more on your husband.

sardar ji and his firend funny joke in hindi

Santa:- Yar iska matlab kya hota hai, "I AM GOING"?
FRIEND:- Main jaa raha hun.
Santa :- Saaley, aise kaise jayega, 20 aur bhi aise ja chuke hain....answer bata ke jaa..

sardar ji on piizza hut saradar ji joke in hindi

A sardar went to Pizza Hut.
There he ordered a Pizza.
The Waiter asked him:
Sir shell I cut it into 4 pieces or 8 pieces.
Sardar replied:
O 4 hi le aa yaar,
8 to nahin khaye jayein gay

Sardar writting letter to his son funny sardar joke in hindi

Sardar was writing something very slowly.
Friend asked:" Why r u writing so slowly?
Sardar: "I'm writing 2 my 6 yr old son, he can't read very fast. 

sardar ji ki hair cutting funny hindi joke

man to saradar ji-Yaar Tune Itne Chote Chote Baal Kyu Katwaye?
sardar ji-Wo Yaar Hajjam ke Pass chhutte Nahi The 3 Rupye To Maine Bola 3 Rupye Ka Aur Kaat do.

fuuny hindi joke monkey and sardar ji

Sardar climbed a tree. Monkey asked: "Too uper kyon aaya?"

Sardar: "Apple Khane"

Monkey: "Yeh to mango tree"

Sardar: "Idiot, apple saath laaya hoon"

sardar ji at visit to ezypt pyramid

Two Sardarjis are looking at an Egyptian mummy.

Sardar 1: Look, so many bandages! Must be a pukka (real) lorry accident case.

Sardar 2: Aaho, lorry number is also written…BC 1760!!!