funny News And newspaper Images

Here this time I came up with a collection of funny images that shows a media especially electronic media is putting up content online to engage audience. So here is the first image this image is for all guys that uses UC browser on their android mobile mostly there several times a day UC browser puts up notification about new news happened but most of of times their notification are about sex, videos, images, content related to  women  like somewhere rape occurred. Most proffered notification's are celebrity leaked videos or images that is so funny.

Here in the notification UC browser puts that where most porn is
 seen is used for notification like that it is most necessary place that everyone should know. if someone would not know this then his life would be incomplete.

This is image from a leading hindi news paper website what news mostly yhey put at their homes pages .like thes news are ntions most imrtant scndals that every one should know.

 how cameraman show summer to newspaper readers

When a media camera man wants show about chilling summer he takes help of such photos then people easily come to know that REALLY summer has been started.

Last but not the least is print media news paper is full of sex improving advertisement . ahh after seeing news paper we feel that that the measure problems of the nation are not corruption, poverty, unemployment actually they are शीघ्रपतन नामर्दी , कमजोरी , लिंग का टेढापण, पतलापन है .
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here is the list of some funny odd news news

  1. How a begger becomme millionair very funny.
  2. A guy borned with tail
  3. A woman gave birth to eleven children at a time
  4. Couple undressed each other on the road