Ashram :Web series full of fun and entertainment

 Ashram web series was another good direction by  Prakash Jha . This web series is an exposure to fake babas and saints involved in crime and politics. Key star of the show bobby deol done a very fantastic job as Baba Nirala.

In each episode different tactics of politician and fake babas are shown.

Some famous dialogue from ashram series are these:

 You can watch this web series free on .  There is nine episodes released till now can watch them mxplayer.

link for these episodes are below

Episode:1 PranPratishtha

Episode:2 Grih Pravesh

Episode:3 Duh swapna

Episode:4 SewaDar

Episode:5 amrit sudha

Episode:6 vish haran

Episode:7 gati rodh

Episode:8 Shuddhi Karan

Episode:9 Maha Prasad

if you have not seen this series then must watch it.