How Does Social media Affects our lives?

 We all know him. He is Mr. Faisu.He is an Internet celebrity.He got fame through a social media called, Tik tok.

His father had a small nightie business. At 21, he got a job as a salesman. He was paid Rs 50 a day. He worked in scortching heat.

He had no money for her mother's and father's treatment. He even sold his bike.One day, he got fired from his job at a perfume brand because he dropped a bottle worth Rs 12,000.

Soon he got a new job and he started to make videos during his free time on musically(now tik tok).

One day one of his video got viral and he got 10 million views in 2 days. After that he got immense popularity.He even starred in many music videos.

Now he owns a BMW and is living a very luxurious life.

So, how does social media affect our lives?

It can change our life completely. From rags to riches.

Other side of this :

He motivated many youngsters to make cringe contents, which has mislead many of them.